New Year's Reflection- #BeeInspired #CeeYourPotential

New Year's Reflection- #BeeInspired #CeeYourPotential

It's great to see a new year roll on by because it gives me the opportunity to set my new visions and aspirations for the future, but also challenges me  to reflect on what I have gone through. 2022 has left us, becoming memories that are truly important to keep. Memories for me this year have come in all forms, good and bad, sad and exciting, all becoming part of who I am. I like to think of them as gifts. Each gift brings a different emotion and a different outcome which undoubtedly I will cherish. 

This new year, I want to start thinking of what new adventures to take on, what experiences have taught me, what changes I can make for those goals and visions to come true. I have a beautiful family, who are my rock and my roll! I stand by them, support them, and cheer them on, and they do the same for me. They literally keep me rollin'...It is never a dull moment.  It was a tough year, as mother of 3 wild boys, you know my house was a ruckus! I'll be telling you more of them, but today, it's just about reflecting and setting  hopes for 2023. I hope you can do the same.

As ironic as it seems that each year I do these silly things such as, create lists, put things in a calendar, cut out pictures and words, somehow, someway, some of those things really become reality. I create these things with heart and intention because they bring joy to my life. These activities bring out my creativity, and in itself, it seems like that is what I can offer the world. 2023, please bring what I need in my life, bring the many gifts that can continue to be a vessel and keep me rockin' and rollin' . I hope it can bring me strength, faith, health, love, motivation, and each day live with intention. I desire to #BeeInspired by those around me and my own personal motivation and dreams, may 2023 help me see my own potential just as much so as I hope you #CeeYourPotential as well. 

Celebrate each day as it is a gift!

Thank you for starting this new year with me,



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