Five Ways to Bring Joy Back

Five Ways to Bring Joy Back

Remember when I told you that everyone has a special gift to offer the world? As it turns out, I feel I am still trying to discover mine! It's not that I don't know it, it's more of how can I truly feel I have made an impact in the world. 

Throughout my life, I have always received complements on my joyful, positive, and kind personality. I feel joy in my heart and I feel I really have to share it with others. No, things are not always happy and fun, but I genuinely try to make the most of a situation. I feel that my gift to the world is to generate positivity, optimism, and help the world be a happier place.

It wasn't until recently, that I started feeling anxious and scared, perhaps even sad at times. I wondered to myself, what is going on? Am I not capable of this? I felt so out of place, seriously....I recognized that in my heart I had this emotion that was overstaying. It really brought on concern, a sad thought that I wouldn't get out of this hump. I came to realize that it was life...that life was throwing some curveballs my way. And goodness I did not know how to deal with them.

Imagine me, standing on a batting field trying to hit those balls back out to the field but they were coming so fast I just ran out to hide! Yeah, never been much of a sporty girl here, so it was somewhat comical! Nevertheless, I feel I am working on my strategy to be able to get back to bat and hit that nice homerun!

Obviously, I am still trying. I am still working through things each day, but one thing's for sure... like Mariah Carey says, "they can't take that away from me!" I have that power within me! I have to seek the tools I need to regain my positivity, my joy, and pull through to be who I want to be.  

I am sharing a list of 5 small ways that help me find joy when I need it most. This list gives me and opportunity be able to enjoy the small important things around me. It's quick sparks of happiness which I hope you can apply to your life when feeling down. 

1. Take time to breath and give grace. Give yourself the time to pause, stop for a minute and say thank you to your body, mind, and spirit, for all that it does and all that it needs. Breath in happy thoughts, breath out negativity. Breath in peace in your mind, and let go of things that worry you in that moment. Being able to clear your mind will help you understand what you can do to overcome difficult times. 

2. Enjoy those around you, spend time with your loved ones or check-in on those you have not seen in a while. Hug them, love on them, talk to them! 

3. Leave yourself notitas de amor, love notes! There's something about praising myself that makes me smile. Write to yourself and remind yourself how awesome you are doing. Bonus if you leave a note using some cute sticky note paper! Trust me... they make us smile! 

4. Do something you love. This can be a hobby or even something more simple like watching a nice movie or show, listening to a new album from your favorite artist, go for a quick nature walk, or play a game. Goal here is to use things you have on hand and accessible/available at the time. No need to go out and complicate things, just do it. 

5. Treat yourself to a small treat...seriously, it isn't about the money you spend. This is about a small gift for yourself...a coffee date, like you have to go in the shop, for reals, go and sit in a café and enjoy your drink, alone! Or perhaps a cute notebook, a small fashion pair of earrings, no, not that Tiffany one you really really  want...this is a small pick-me-up gift.  Please don't spend too much on it, it's not about the money, it about the joy that it will bring! 

I hope you give these a little try. I know they work, they give us the opportunity to cherish the small and simple things. They are instant gratifications that will promote joy. Remember to #BeeJoyful and never forget to #CeeYourPotential

Let me know if you tried any and if it helps bring you a little smile! 

Thank you, 




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