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Get to know Me: 15 Fun Facts About the Woman Behind Bee Cee’s Gifts


Hola #BeeUnique Revolutionaries!

It's always exciting to get to know the people behind the scene. Here at Bee Cee's Gifts, I would love to be able to share a little about me!  Coming up with this list, it really got me thinking about some important things in my life. It made me realize how things, people, and experiences have molded me. I think I will add more to it as I challenge myself to re-discover who I am, what  I like, what I may struggle with, perhaps even some hopes and wishes for the future. I hope you can get to know me just a bit more, but I also want to challenge you to get out and create a little list about yourself. I think it will make you smile as you write down some things the make you unique.

  1. I am a boy mom!!! I am the mother of 3 wild boys, currently 15,13, and 7! They have my whole heart and sure keep me busy! This is my most important role...and I am trying hard to make it right...but it isn't easy!
  2. I’ve been married for almost 11 years to the love of my life. It has been a true adventure and love story! We had our dream wedding in Mexico and to this day I still daydream of how amazing it was for us. 
  3. I am the second of 5 kids. I love big families because my big family was awesome! My parents each come from big families themselves (mom’s 9 children, dad 12…so you can imagine how many 1st cousins I have and yes…gatherings are always extra special!)
  4. Of all my siblings, I am the only one who was born in Michoacán Mexico. I always found that extra special! I came as a little 3 year old…I consider myself the 1.5 generation…o como dice la India Maria, “ni de aqui, ni de alla!”  I was blessed my parents were able to obtain residency and when I turned 18 I became a USA Citizen
  5. I studied at Cal State Long Beach and majored in Sociology, Chican@/Latin@ Studies, and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. I want to change the world and build more acceptance, equality, and understanding towards one another. 
  6. I love my Mexican heritage! I dream about having a casita back in Mexico one day filled with all things Mexico!!1 
  7. I currently work as a Service Coordinator for individuals with developmental disabilities and want to learn to build more supportive and inclusion services for this population. 
  8. I was a single mother of my 2 oldest boys and went to the university and worked…I refused to give up and be a “statistic”. I believe we each have the power to open up opportunities for ourselves, it’s your mindset and attitude which will help you decide. 
  9. I have always loved themed parties! And yes, I love hosting!!!!
  10. I grew up the middle sister…for the longest it was just 3 of us and I thought I was the best part of the oreo cookie… the frosting in the middle that keeps us together! I still feel that in my family I will always find ways to keep us that way! 
  11. When I was little, I wanted to work in a store because I loved ringing people up…I think I was meant to be in retail or customer service. Maybe that is why I am doing this work today
  12. I have too many crafting/home hobbies. I love to keep myself busy! 
  13. My spirit animal is a squirrel! I think they are so cute and just get into everything, hey, I think that suits me well.
  14. My parents are my greatest supporters! They were tough but their love and support provide the motivation I continue to have.
  15.  I struggle with making my mind up in the most basic things…I often doubt my own ideas…but I am working on it and through it all, I believe that we always have another chance if the first options did not turn out well.

Hope these 15 random things about me brought a little joy! I hope you find the time to think and document some of your random fun facts of what make!!!


Brenda Cortes

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